Art is on the way. Collect NFTs and Real Artworks from proven Artists, Selected by K-Auction family.

Notable Collectibles

The Art NFT project presented by ARTE K X K-AUCTION

Arte K is a subsidiary of K-Auction the Korea's leading art auction company. Arte K and the K-Auction family have been discovering and introducing major modern and contemporary works of art in Korea, as well as the works of famous foreign artists and talented new artists. Now the K-Auction family is launching a new project with DOSI Store to activate a new art market in the digital world! Have you ever thought that art was difficult and that access to art information was limited? Did you think there are too many non-fungible tokens issued in the digital world? Have you ever wondered who makes NFTs and what artistic value they have? In the future, we will introduce artists carefully selected by Arte K X K-Auction so that you can enjoy and own art works in the digital world more easily and conveniently. At the K-Auction Family Store with DOSI, we will provide you with new perspectives and inspiration for digital art. And I hope you will enjoy new artistic stimulation with the K-Auction family by bringing the lingering impressions from the digital world back to reality. *For some of the digital artworks (NFTs) sold in the K-Auction Family Store, K-Auction or Arte K may promise to keep the original artworks and provide them to the NFT owner.



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